We aim to empower children, youth, & young adults to rise above adversity

What is INHO?

INHO stands for “Investir dans l’homme” which can be translated as Invest in Humankind. INHO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the importance of education as a pathway to development in Haiti. We do not just promote an idea – we work to educate children, youth, & young adults in the less fortunate neighborhoods and in more remote areas.

Our Mission

  • EDUCATE: exposing children, youth, & young adults to learning, & providing access to education

  • PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: promoting agriculture & conserving the environment

  • ENCOURAGE CIVIC DUTY: promoting love for the homeland, the value of the common good & giving back to the community

  •  INSTILL A LOVE OF NATURE: encouraging exploration of the natural beauty of Haiti and love of nature

INHO is dedicated to serving children, youth and young adults in Haiti.





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    Our Guiding Principles

    INHO believes in recognizing and protecting the rights of every child (e.g., right to education, right to be protected from any type of harm). Our organization endorses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), a document that outlines the civil, economic, social, and cultural rights that every child has and that must be realized for children to develop to their full potential. See a plain language version of this rights document here.

     The UNCRC is a guiding framework for all INHO activities. That is, our activities respect children’s rights and are designed with children/youth’s best interests in mind (what is best for children/youth, what is needed to protect them from harm).

    INHO staff as well as those who attend INHO activities receive information about children’s rights. Providing child’s rights education (e.g., the right every child has to protection from violence, sexual exploitation etc), can help children learn about equality, respect, and tolerance for difference. It can also help them understand how they should be treated and how they should treat others.

    Our Vision

    1. Increasing the number of children and youth we work with
    2. Expanding our scholarship program. Our goal is to sponsor 260 children in the future and to extend the program to those wanting to go to university or trade school 
    3. Setting up a health mobile clinic that children/youth can access on a monthly basis
    4. Owning our own facility


    You can sponsor a child so they may participate in the scholarship program. The cost is $25USD per year which is about $32CAD.

    We send sponsors a picture of the student as well as a letter from the student. We also keep the sponsor informed of the student’s progress.

    Sponsor a child now!