Instill positive values & promote healthy behaviours

INHO Educational Recreation

We organize various workshops that include activities such as face painting, singing, dancing, handcrafting, playing sports, and a book club. Through these activities we aim to:

  • Ignite a passion for learning (book club)
  • Instill positive values & promote healthy behaviours (sports)
  • Provide a space for self-expression through art (singing, dancing, handicrafts)
  • Keep children/youth away from gang activity

Importance of recreation:


-hands-on learning


Donate Now


You can sponsor a child so they may participate in the scholarship program. The cost is $25USD per year which is about $32CAD.

We send sponsors a picture of the student as well as a letter from the student. We also keep the sponsor informed of the student’s progress.

Sponsor a child now!