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GoFundMe Page

*Donations of $20 or more receive a tax receipt

The simplest way to donate is online via our GoFundMe campaigns. Please click on the INHO campaign that you wish to support below and you will directed to its GoFundMe page :

General donations to INHO to support all our activities
Campaign to purchase a plot of land in Cazale, Haiti
Campaign to raise funds for Summer Camp 2022 in Cazale
Children in need of humanitarian assistance

Children in Haiti:

-face violence, unemployment, unmet service needs

-often join armed gangs


To donate to INHO by cheque, please make cheques to Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable (address below) and note the donation is for INHO (Investir dans L’homme). INHO has partnered with Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable (CSDD) and tax receipts will be issued by CSDD.

Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable

1-310 Somervale Gardens, Pointe Claire (Québec) H9R 3H8, Canada
Telephone: 514.839.5194
Charitable Registration No. : 83612 1855 RR 001
NEQ (Québec): 11663 0 2001


Send an e-transfer to: and note the donation is for INHO.


Your support makes our work possible


Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable

In the summer of 2020, we established a partnership with CSDD and now INHO is able to provide tax receipts to donors. CSDD is a nonprofit, registered charitable organization that works in many African countries. Their work involves helping hospitals, schools, and feeding the hungry in poor neighbourhoods. 

To learn more about CSDD:

Volunteer/Join our team!

If you are passionate about making a difference and helping those in need, we invite you to contact us to find out about how you could help! Send us an email:


You can sponsor a child so they may participate in the scholarship program. The cost is $25USD per year which is about $32CAD.

We send sponsors a picture of the student as well as a letter from the student. We also keep the sponsor informed of the student’s progress.

Sponsor a child now!