In Haiti, more than 50% of children do not attend school

INHO Scholarship Program

In Haiti, more than 50% of children do not attend school. The majority of children who have the opportunity to go to school do not finish. Why? There are a lot of schools but all of them are too expensive for most parents. In the constitution, attending school is mandatory but this is only on paper. The private sector is making a fortune building schools. That is, private schools are even more expensive. 

We have started a scholarship program in Cazale, at the Lycée Jérémie Eliazer secondary school. Currently, we have 30 children in the program (approximately 2 to 3 students in each grade). The cost of a school year is 1,000 Haitian gourdes per student (from $20 to $25 USD given fluctuation of Haitian currency). Scholarship recipients go to school 5 days a week, from 7am to 2pm for one academic year. To be a beneficiary of our scholarship program, the student must:

  • Obtain good grades – minimum of 7.50
  • Participate in INHO’s Reforestation Day (May 01 st of every year)
  • Help tend the goats in our farm
  • Participate in the summer camp
Of children don’t attend school
0,7 %
Of Haitians can read and write
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You can sponsor a child so they may participate in the scholarship program. The cost is $25USD per year which is about $32CAD.

We send sponsors a picture of the student as well as a letter from the student. We also keep the sponsor informed of the student’s progress.

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