Cazale is located about 12 km from Cabaret and 70 km from the Haitian capital

Cazale, Haiti

Cazale is located about 12 km from Cabaret and 70 km from the Haitian capital. This village is the main centre of the Polish community in Haiti. The name Cazale originated from “Kay Zalewski” which means “house of Zalewski. The village is inhabited by descendants of Polish soldiers sent by Napoleon in 1802. 

Cazale is exceptionally beautiful. There are a lot of rivers. It is a region in Haiti that gives hope. If there was a good system of agriculture in the country, Cazale would have become the barn of Port au Prince. However, locals are leaving the countryside to go to the big cities or to other countries. Thus, INHO has decided to invest in the young men and women of Cazale.

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